About my FYP

I want to know your opinion and suggestions regarding my FYP project. I am attaching my draft propsal here.

" Project Overview:

This project aims to develop a web-based platform that connects students with professors based on their research interests and academic profiles. The platform utilizes content-based recommendation algorithms to provide personalized and relevant recommendations to students, helping them find suitable mentors and research opportunities. The platform can be highly valuable in academia for mentorship, research collaboration, and academic networking.

Key Features:

User Profiles: Students and professors can create detailed profiles, including research interests, skills, academic achievements, and availability.

Content-Based Recommendations: The heart of the platform is a content-based recommendation system that suggests professors to students and vice versa based on textual analysis of research interests and profiles.

User Preferences: Students can input their research interests and preferences, allowing the platform to generate tailored recommendations.