Admin Login Issue

I had someone build my website in about 2016. I was able to login and make administrator changes and everything worked fine. My PC hard disk died so I am trying to login from a laptop. I can’t remember the URL, I have tried a few things but nothing has worked.

I tried

Also tried a few variations (no trailing slash, not https://, etc. ) nothing works!

Any idea what else I can try?


The easiest thing to do would be to log onto the server and figure out how the server is configured.
Otherwise it’s just an issue of keep guessing of anything it might be - there are no “requirements” as to what the admin URL must be.

Thank you Ken. Is there a specific file I can look through, and what am I looking for? Thank you so much!

The file will reference a base url file. That file ( should have the definition of the admin url.

Thanks, I am going to take a look!

Ken is there a way I can contact you? I’d like to make you an offer! :slight_smile: Thanks

My email is Davi.18.wi AT Gmail