advice to follow needed

Hello Pals.
i have a Scenario i am working on it for a Point Of Sale project, and i need to make the logic blow:

  • click on item from a table of items and it move to other table on other side in same page with price and quantity, also there will be a calculator to use to edit quantity if needed.

Is this logic doable by same logic of Carts, or there is other logic to implement it.

thanks for advice in Advance.

Yes this is doable - in many different ways. What do you want the UX to be?

Is this going to be implemented using regular views with full page refreshes between selections?

Or do you want to handle these selections in the client using JavaScript?

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UX needed to right column with items list from database, and left column with 2 rows, higher row will have the clicked items with quantity and price, and below it second row with the calculator.

for the implementation i didn’t pick any way but i see the most logical way is to Not refresh page each time i add item, Also it may have some VueJs too, but still not decided.

Ok then, so your next choice will be to decide whether you want the server to track all the intermediate selections or if you want this all to be client-side until a “submit” button is clicked.

If you want the server to track each selection as they’re made, your JavaScript will need to send a request to the server identifying the selection, and the view will need to know what to do with it.

Or, if you want all of this managed client-side, you just track the selections within the client and submit the full set at one time.

Either way, you’ll probably want to select a JavaScript framework to help facilitate this.

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Thanks a lot Ken my perspective is the second one i need it to be on client side and when submit it goes for everything , i think i may do this with VueJs.
Thanks Again.