Allow users to fill out a Django form on their own personal website?

Hi everyone, I am wondering if anyone has dealt with allowing Users to fill out a form on their own personal website, which is connected to the Django applications database?

The general idea behind this, is allowing say a User (Party Planner in the Django app) to not have to come to the “Django Application” to input an event, rather they go to their own personal website, and input form information there which is POSTed to the Django applications database?

It’s an idea I have been throwing around, and just looking for some guidance in the right direction.

Thank you in advance!

That is, in general, a phenominally bad idea. The security risks are too great to contemplate.

About as close as you should come is to allow those individuals to access an API from their server (not web pages that they create) which can then submit the necessary data as an API call.