Blog post: Django-SafeDelete: Soft Delete in Django Made Easy

Hey there, Django enthusiasts and developers!

We’ve all been there—accidentally deleting a database record and then scrambling to recover it. Or perhaps you’ve needed to keep “deleted” records for auditing or historical purposes.

I’ve just published a guide on implementing soft delete functionality in Django using the Django-SafeDelete package. This third-party package allows you to mark records as deleted without actually removing them from your database.

What You’ll Learn:

  • What soft delete is and why you might need it.
  • How to install and set up Django-SafeDelete in your project.
  • Customizing deletion policies for your specific needs.
  • Querying soft-deleted objects with ease.

Why Should You Read This Blog Post?

  • Save Time: No need to write custom code for soft delete functionality.
  • Enhance Data Integrity: Keep your deleted records for auditing or historical data.
  • Easy Recovery: Easily undo delete operations when needed.

:point_right: Read the full article here!

Happy coding!