Blog post: Mastering Multi-Domain Routing with Django-Hosts

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If you’re a Django developer, you know the framework is incredibly powerful but has its limitations, especially when it comes to handling multiple subdomains or domains.

That’s why I’ve crafted a comprehensive guide that’s a must-read for anyone serious about leveling up their Django skills: “Mastering Multi-Domain Routing with Django-Hosts.”

Why Should You Care?

Imagine being able to manage multiple subdomains like and effortlessly, all within the same Django project. Sounds like a dream, right?

My latest blog post turns that dream into a reality. I delve into the nitty-gritty details of Django-Hosts, from installation to advanced routing techniques.

What’s In It for You?

  • Modular Architecture: Learn how to separate different parts of your application cleanly.
  • SEO Benefits: Understand how to leverage subdomains for SEO advantages.
  • Scalability: Discover how to make your projects more maintainable and scalable.

So, if you’re a developer who loves clean, organized code and wants to push the boundaries of what Django can do, you can’t afford to miss this guide.

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Hello. Apologies for going offtopic, but would it be better idea to have a single thread dedicated to your blog that you would bump with updates instead of starting new thread every time there’s new article? It seems to me that with few exceptions, all threads posted in this category in few last months were made by you to promote your blog, and there’s usually only a day of break between each post.

Hello, thank you for your suggestion.

I don’t think that all threads posted here were only made by made. There are actually some number of other posts in between mine.

I don’t make the posts to promote my blog, I make the posts to share knowledge and 15 years of experience with the forum. My blog is free, I have no commercial gain and no desire to promote the blog in that sense.

I have never tried to sell or ask for anything in return. The goal of the Show and Tell section is to share in a general way with the group.

I am sorry that you think that I am spamming the forum.

I’ve counted and out of 63 threads posted since June, 36 were yours. Thats over a half and it appears excessive to me.

I am sorry, I was not aware that there was a limit on the amount of posts that a member is allowed to post.

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There is no limit, provided the posts are on topic (they are, no problem there) and do not violate any of the forum policies (I’m not aware of any that do, so no problem there either.)

Having said that, it would be courteous if you created a topic and added a post for each new blog post.

That actually is a benefit to the people who read your blog. It gives them a way to “subscribe” to your posts by following the thread. They would then be notified for each new message that you added to your topic.

But, at the moment, there’s no problem here.
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Hi Ken,

Thank you for the additional context.

I guess my question was if I was doing something wrong sharing the blog posts since that was not my intention. So thank you for providing a clarification there.

I do understand that might be too many consecutive posts since I post quite often, although half of all the posts since June is not such a big number for almost 4 months.

I will create a new topic and will place any new posts there.

Thank you.