Cigarettes' clinic app

An idea - people who smoke throw their cigarettes away - often onto the ground.

Then, a lot of homeless people go around picking up other peoples’ discarded cigarettes. Strip the tobacco, and toss away the butts - which find their way into the ocean.

This is not good.

How can we turn a bad situation into a good situation?

Initially, I thought well, why not pay homeless people/ smokers in some way to return the butts to a central depository - and reward them with actual smokes?

My idea : if somebody picks up x amount of butts from the streets and returns them to a depository, they will be paid. Kind of like returning 20c bottles to the depot.

Just an idea.

I was thinking that for every 100 buts taken to the clinic, they give you 5 smokes – alongside the means to quit smoking. (i.e free patches, etc).

If anyone feels like developing this idea initially, I’d be keen to hear how it might work. Or not.

I wouldn’t mind taking a stab at it. Send me a private message and we can discuss this more.