Climate Helpdesk - From inception to public beta-testing in less than a month

By the end of 2019, talking with a colleague and friend, he mentioned that he was looking into options to build a website for people to ask questions about climate change and get answers by experts in the field. I immediately jumped at the project, and put together a relatively simple, wagtail-based, system for handling user-submitted questions. The result is this (mostly in Dutch, since this is a project sponsored by Scientists4FutureNL):

I used Bulma as a CSS framework and probably you can already tell I am not a designer. But the page was good enough to atrract a bit of funding that allowed us to get a proper design agency to work on the project.

The final version of the website is not publicly released yet (will be on the 30th of October), but the code can be found on Github.

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