Csv reader and slit data

Hello everyone,

I have a csv file, but I get an error below row while importing it.

Project Hospital date Reception date Culture Sample type Status Box Last_extraction_date Inactivation_date Transfer_date Comments Lib run_pal Run_id_miseq
Orizaba 2004-02-25 2022-07-04 MGIT Sequenced 2023-03-24 2023-03-23 2023-04-06 No existe este tubo, hay uno con num 711000 LIB23-015Hflex_1/4 run308_PAL23-025 X204SC23092758-Z01-F001

The problem is ‘comma’:
‘No existe este tubo, hay uno con num 711000’

items = csv.reader(fp, skipinitialspace=True, quotechar='"')

[‘Orizaba;2004-02-25;2022-07-04;MGIT;;Sequenced;;2023-03-24;2023-03-23;2023-04-06;No existe este tubo’, ‘hay uno con num 711000;LIB23-015Hflex_1/4;run308_PAL23-025;X204SC23092758-Z01-F001’]

It puts an apostrophe before a comma and a space. That’s why an error occurs after the text “No existe este tubo”. Do you know how to fix the issue? I’m stuck here.
And I loop items here.
listItem = item.split(";")

[‘Orizaba’, ‘INSTITUTO NACIONAL DE CIENCIAS MEDICAS Y NUTRICION SALVADOR ZUBIRAN INCMNSZ’, ‘No’, ‘2004-02-25’, ‘2022-07-04’, ‘MGIT’, ‘’, ‘Sequenced’, ‘’, ‘2023-03-24’, ‘2023-03-23’, ‘2023-04-06’, ‘No existe este tubo’]

If you are working with csv files and want to work around the data that is present in that csv file than I would recommend you to use python’s pandas module here is the reference for you Pandas Read CSV.
Here you can find other functions related to Pandas as well.

Thank you. I will look into it. I think the reason for the error above is single quote