Different forms in Windows and Linux

Hello all,
I have a prod server on Debian Linux and test env on Ubuntu. Code is same.
Test form on Windows machine (Firefox and Chrome).

Right now it looks like it is rendered as <select_multiple> option.
Forms for prod and test env are the same and definitely using filter_horizontal option for admin view. In code it’s written filter_horizontal = (“groups”).
Is it a problem with filter_horizontal ? Any ideas ?

Welcome @laps-tallinnas !

What is the issue here that you are asking about? I don’t see a problem described from what you’ve got posted here.

Because view on the enclosed picture is not filter_horizontal.

Is this a form that you are creating? Or are you saying that the admin is showing this on Windows?

Please, provide a more detailed description of the issue. If this is an issue with code you’re writing, post the form, view, and template involved. If this is an issue in the admin, post your model and the ModelAdmin class.

Side note: When posting code here, enclose the code between lines of three backtick - ` characters. This means you’ll have a line of ```, then your code, then another line of ```. This forces the forum software to keep your code properly formatted.

class UserAdmin(BaseUserAdmin):
    model = User
    actions = None
    form = UserEditForm
    readonly_fields = ['last_login', 'date_joined']

filter_horizontal = (

That was the snippet.

But I think I figured out the issue: nginx was misconfigured to get JS files from other location. Now it shows correctly!