Django form to GLPI API


I want to set up on my site, a form that will be validated and can be integrated into GLPI with its API.

Unfortunately I did not find much of resources.
Have you Idea, how to build that

At your disposal to provide you with more information.

I’m not aware of what GLPI is. Can you provide more context?

Oh Yes, of course!!

GLPI is a web application that gives the possibility to visualize and manage its information system in a complete way and allows users to open tickets for support.

The application is open source and contains an API.

I asked on the GLPI forum but no response yet.

How can I dissect and solve the subject?

What levels or degrees of integration are you looking for? Is your Django app going to interface with GLPI solely through that API?

If so, then your integration is going to consist of you using the requests module within your Django application to make requests and receive the results.