Django Turbo Quickstart

I am exploring Turbo Django and as per the doc trying a test broadcast stream using below:

BroadcastStream().update(text=f"{}: This is a broadcast.", id="broadcast_box")

While the above works fine from Django Shell, if I need to use above broadcast in python function, how do I use it and where to please this code in my Django app?

I tried adding it in, however I don’t see the stream messages on the page?

Ok, so I added the broadcast stream in myapp/ and it seem to work but it shows the message momentarily for 2-3 seconds and vanishes likely because its due to nature of the div element which is not a static and is lost during refresh. How do I make the stream messages persistent on the page?

Contents of myapp/

def myindex1(request):
    BroadcastStream().append(text="Hello From Broadcast", id="broadcast_box")
    return render(request, 'broadcast_example.html')

Contents of html page subscribed to Broadcast stream:

{% load turbo_streams %}
<!DOCTYPE html>
<html lang="en">
    {% include "turbo/head.html" %}
    {% turbo_subscribe 'myapp:BroadcastStream' %}

    <p class="broadcast_box_class" id="broadcast_box"></p>