Does anyone know how to use webprnt with Django?

I bought the StarTSP100 with bluetooth. I want it to print a packing list directly from or from a pdf file. Does anyone know how to use webprnt to do this? If not, anyone know another method?

It seems like the Star webPRNT docs would be the place to start.

Thanks, I’ve tried that earlier. Unfortunately, it asks for a URL and in the URL there is an IP address, which doesn’t seem to be working. I think there’s something that I need to configure first. It would be nice if there’s a step by step guide that can take me from start to finish.

I’m trying to print through bluetooth and I didn’t connect the ethernet cable to the ethernet port, is that why the ip address is not working?

Did you review and follow the Bluetooth configuration section in the docs?

Yes, I can print using from a program like notepad or internet explorer, but iut doesn’t allow me to set an IP address. It says “The temporary IP address assignment operation failed. Check your computer’s and printer’s network connection and try again”.

Apparently, the ethernet cable that I use to connect to the internet on my motherboard doesn’t fit inside the star tsp’s port. Is it required to have the printer connect to the internet? Can we do it just through my computer with bluetooth?

Got a reply from StarTSP support. For anyone else looking for help on this issue, webprnt only works on IOS or Android. It doesn’t work for PC’s. They said they will get back to me about how to use it on PC. I’ll update you when I get a response.

I would be interested in that!

Looks like they didn’t teach me how to use it on PC, but they made me buy another product that supports printing from webserver… mc-print3 which supports cloudprnt. This thing is not easy to use… There are tons of readme’s and things to install and I don’t know which I have to install first.

After purchasing the mc-print3, it didn’t include a tutorial. Contacting customer support wasn’t helpful. The person I emailed back and forth for months doesn’t know how to make it work for python. The examples they sent me didn’t even work on localhost.