Error during template rendering in DjangoCMS plugin

I’m trying to create a custom CSM Plugin and when i click to create the plugin this error happens:

How can i solve this? In the past it was working. I don’t what happens.

Thank you!

Quick question - are you actually talking about DjangoCMS here? Or is there some other package called Django CSM?

Yes, I’m using DjangoCSM and this error occurred when i tryed to create my first CMS Plugin after build the enviroment.

I’m still confused here. Is it


(The reason I’m asking this is because I’ve never heard of DjangoCSM and can’t seem to find any information about a project by that name. So while I’m guessing you might be talking about DjangoCMS, I don’t want to jump to any unwarranted conclusions.)

It’s DjangoCMS, in “requirements.txr” it’s like “django-cms==3.9”


Problem solved. I change the version of Django to “Django==3.2.*” and it works!