Error running WSGI application

hi i have been trying to do Writing your first Django app, part 3
I have done the first 2 steps successfully but now before I start the third part I get this weird error before I even change anything “Error running WSGI application” Im using pythonanywhere as ide and here is the full error , i tried rebuilding Virtualenv but i didn’t solve my problem so here is the full error :

Hey there!
Do not post images of errors/tracebacks, instead copy all the traceback and wrap around with 3 ` (backticks) so it’s get formatted properly.

But the error you’re facing is written the traceback. The exception that you’re seeing: “Error running WSGI application” is a direct cause of the exception, that was raised before it. That’s just below that message, it says: Incorrect timezone setting: UTC+03:30
The value for the TIMEZONE settings must be a valid timezone, you can check the valid timezones here.

Post what time zone you have in, and if you’re not sure about the timezone string - someone qn correct it for you.