Error when calling to other project url to get data

I have gone into a bit of trouble.

I have to call the url of Project 1 from Project 2 views to get the JSON data but when I am trying to call the url using requests it gives me “Max retries exceeded with url” error.
Both the projects are using Django 3 Project 1 is running on port 8001 and the other is on port 8000
Edit: Project 2 is running inside docker container using docker-compose up command and Project 1 is running normally using runserver command.

Please help me out i thought it was a simple task as everything is working fine when doing the same in terminal or python file.

# Project 1

def send_master_data(request):
    return JsonResponse(provide_master_data())

path('masterdata/', views.send_master_data, name='send_master_data'),

# Project 2

def export_master_excel(request):
    with requests.Session() as session:
        res = session.get("")
    data = res.json()
    response = HttpResponse(content_type='application/ms-excel')
    response['Content-Disposition'] = f'attachment; filename="{data["metadata"]["filename"]}"'

    wb = Workbook()

Briefly, I don’t see anything wrong here.

Just to be clear, you’ve tried running project 1 in one window, then walked through the steps in project 2 from a different window through the python shell?
If not, can you try that? (Posting the shell session if it doesn’t work.)