ezinnit deploys your app from your gitlab repo to your server at your domain, and commits to main automatically deploy. Includes django template!

Continuous integration means that from the moment you begin your project, frequent commits to main are automatically deployed. Continuous deployment means that from the moment you begin your project, you always have a live build of your app in a container on a remote server with a secure public connection.

After running ezinnit, your webapp will be running on your server, live at the https domain of your choice and future commits to your main branch will automatically deploy to the live app.

In a completely automated process, ezinnit initializes and pushes your gitlab repository and deployment pipeline and then installs dokku and a gitlab runner on your server. Your gitlab repository is configured to automatically deploy any commits to your main branch to your server, where your app is automatically built in a container and served at your public https domain.

ezinnit includes app templates for new django, flask and fastApi projects. These templates are intended for starting completely new projects, and create a deployed, working site.