feedgrid: an RSS aggregator with a 2D grid UI

Hi all, sharing a Django project to please your inner news junky, hope you enjoy!


feedgrid.io is a web-based news aggregator for RSS/atom feeds, as well as some other sites like arXiv.

It lets you:

  • organize and group multiple feeds into topics (ie merge RSS feeds)

  • display new content in a grid that organizes items chronologically in 2 dimensions (with ordering in both rows and columns)

  • star items of interest for future reference


The goal is to organize diverse feeds into categories (grids) you like, and then easily check for new content in those grids with a bird’s eye view.

Most RSS clients have either infinite-scroll or email inbox UIs. Those work, but IMO don’t hit the sweet spot for topic-based browsing, and this UI is a handy middle ground.

Example - editing and browsing a grid dashboard