Find code which needs to replaced after changing a file

Hi together,
I’ve just added an image in my static files which should replace an old one.
Both images have different names respectively path’s.
The old image was already used to be displayed on some pages:

<img src="{% static '/codermatch/images/uncle_sam_lightOrange_bg.png' %}" alt="uncle-CoderMatching">

Now I wonder if there is a simple and reliable way to find all the places in the code where I need to replace the path to the old image with the new one?

What’s the best way (or the usual way) to handle this?

I would use the ‘find in all files’ function in my editor to search for uncle_sam_lightOrange_bg

Also with Git you can use git grep uncle_sam_lightOrange_bg.

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Perfect, thank you!
That’s exactly what I was searching for👌