GSoC 2021: Evented Datastores

Hello, hope you are having a good day!

I would like to work towards the Evented Datastores topic that has been mentioned as a suggested project in the Django wiki for GSoC 2021.

I did some research for the topic. From what I can see, event sourcing and Django have largely not been used together and there are not many attempts to integrate them out there. I did find a package djangoevents but it is archived (the last commit was on Jan 16, 2018), and it looks hugely underdeveloped. Moreover, it uses an existing python library called eventsourcing as its backend. I believe this is an infrastructural flaw, since it was not developed keeping django in mind.

I would like to ask:

  1. Should I build the functionality on top of eventsourcing or create a completely new backend altogether? I would prefer the latter.
  2. Where do you think I should start? I have been through tons of blogs about event sourcing itself, but since it is a fairly niche topic, I haven’t found many python related guides.

Also the wiki states it would require someone very skilled in database design. I am not an expert at database design but I am absolutely willing to learn (GSoC is all about learning, isn’t it?)

Wiki: and it’s also arguable if it should be in Django itself, or comprise of developing a third-party app alongside adding hooks/fixes to the Django ORM where needed to make it work well. I plan to create a third party package (that can be used as a django application) for implementing django evented datastores.

Please let me know what you think!

Diptesh Choudhuri


Hi @IgnisDa.

This is an interesting topic. From what you say, I’d be worried about the scope of the proposal, and then your ability to deliver in the time-scale of GSoC. This stuff is hard to get right.

Given what you say, a small Django focused proposal, targeting a third-party app would be the way to go. Whether we’d accept that I can’t say: given the concerns you’d need to wow us with your proposal – but if you’ve done the research and are keen… :slightly_smiling_face:

I hope that helps.

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