how can a logined user can create their only portfolio details??

Part 1 : User Profile Management
Robust user profile management system facilitating the creation and customization
of personal profiles, including biographical information, skill sets, and contact
Part 2 : Portfolio Customization
Intuitive interfaces enabling users to tailor their portfolios with personalized
content, including project showcases, work experience, education, and certifications.
Part 3 : Project Showcase
A visually appealing and interactive presentation of past projects, complete with
detailed descriptions, images, and relevant links to provide visitors with a comprehensive understanding of the showcased work.

Welcome @abdul-muhmin !

I don’t see where you’re asking a question in your post. You’re listing what appears to be three parts to a larger project, but I don’t see what you’re identifying as having a problem with.

If you’re looking for assistance, please identify what specific aspect of the part that is causing you problems.