How can you display a text area for a cahr field in the admin?

I have a varying character field and in the admin it is an input field. How can I make it a text area field? I don’t want to use a textfield.

I think, what you need is the textarea widget. The docs have an example how to use this in general and on Stack Overflow they talk about how to use this for admin. I did not test it but it sounds plausible.

I already tried the SO method and got no where. I’ll read the rest, thanks. Widgets doesn’t say what file to put that stuff in. I assume Thanks again.

Well, as far as I understand this, the form with the widget usually has to be putted in and the Admin Model in But I can be wrong, let’s wait what the experts here say.

I’d approach it by defining a new form that specifies the field as a forms.TextField(), then specify that form for the ModelAdmin class.

I tried that originally and it didn’t work. Do you have steps? Thanks.

It’s probably better for you to share what you have and we can work from there.

I have nothing. I’m asking how to do it. I have a varying character field and a Postgres backend.

See the example at The Django admin site | Django documentation | Django along with Creating forms from models | Django documentation | Django

You mentioned you tried it earlier. Give it another try and if it’s not working, post what you’ve tried and we can work on it from there.