how to add colorful tags into for django CSS HTML September 22, 2023

How can i add this tags for my blog posts in django is this made with css ,tailwindcss or how can i do this that let django render the #something into the equivilent colored icon!

It is not clear if it uses tailwindcss or css or any other css module.

Also for this, I don’t see any equivalent coloured icon in those tags. It’s just the choice of developer who used this icons to match the colors of those tags.

Now to answer this, have you created the model to create a blog and dynamically render them to your FE site? If so then you might have created a tags model and in blog model you might have given Many-to-many field of tags in your blog model. Right?

If you have done something like that then you can add a field to your tags model which will enable you to add icons or html classes or maybe complete html code that you can than use them to render them dynamically with respect to particular tag.

You can add more info if above explanation does not meet your requirement.