How to Connect/Integrate Django with website

Goal: I want Connect Django with website ,
I see most of the result is showing create new website by Django, for now I already have website done/build separately, and wish to connect with Django

environment: mySQL, python, windows and exist website to connect

that for now I connect mySQL and Django

and the screenshot of .py page in Django , I’m not sure what .py script should add to achive my goal the screenshot of .py page in Django , I'm not sure what .py script should add to achive my goal - Album on Imgur

with , , , ,

My original problem is that find the way of connect django with exsisting website , cause all the tutorial is teaching create new website with django, and I cannot get from there, therefore, I’m asking if there is a good idea

I wish “connect” means change context/column in MySQL can effect website showing too

For now, I just successfully connect Django and MySQL, still working on the problem I ask (connect/reflect MySQL to website, (by Django connect everyone together) )

You need to be more specific about what you mean by “connect”, and provide more details about what exactly you’re trying to achieve.

What is this other website built in?

I put the link here, cause new user cannot upload more than one link or picture
the more specific example of imgur link

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