How to implement adding username and changing username with allauth?

Hi, I am able to create sign up and login functionality with allauth as in email and password fields. But I want to have my app ask for the user to choose a unique username once logged in for the first time. allauth has no functionality for doing this, so how should I go about doing this?

I’m not super familiar with allauth. Does it give you the ability to redirect users after they’ve been created and/or signed up? If so, you could interrupt that flow with a RedirectView that either redirects them to the form to create a username or to the actual post-login view.

Additionally, you can do the above by implementing your own version of allauth’s final login view, where upon success just before it redirect, check to see if the user has a username. If it doesn’t, redirect them to a form view that requests they create a username. Otherwise, redirect them as usual.

Does that make sense?

Yeah, that makes sense. Will try this out. Thanks :slight_smile: