how to let user allow fill up same form multiple times after signup

it is string sir, as i said user_email is variable where i am getting users email addresses to get user email addresses bcz with foreign key (unique=true) i am not able to see any user email thats why i set null=true in foreign key field(i have set email=unique in custom user model), and request.user is request.user which allows content of only requested users, so i am matching user_email = request.user(user email defined unique=true in custom user model)

Ok, so user_email is a CharField, request.user is an object of type User.
Those two items will never be equal.

What then in the user object do you actually want to compare?

then tell me plz how can i get form data only for requested users in template, thats what i want it or nothing bcz i am having all objects from model by objects.all() method when i have defined request.user in context.