I am building a repository of cookbooks. Here's the start.

Domain: www.ilovecookbooks.org

Code: GitHub - BuzzerrdBaait/Iloverecipes: I love recipes

Here is my pet project! It’s the start but I finally got it deployed! It’s been a great learning experience and there’s a long way to go still.

If you know how to allow the local environment to do ssl please let me ask you a few questions! I’d like to be able to develop and test locally without having to push to Heroku and hope nothing bad happens. Also, I’m really want to be able to allow other programmers to jump on my github.

Here’s what I did that I don’t see online.

If you look into my manage.py file. You will see that I put a condition to check if a localenvironment exists (I declared a local environment variable called localenv with a value of localenv). Therefore if it exists it uses localenv.py (which was created in the same folder as settings.py)

So… I got this program automatically choosing my settings file, but the local env doesn’t support ssl/https. I want to modify localenv.py run on a local environment BUT I’m using ssl for s3/aws.

So I’m not sure what I should do and would like to hear what a pro would do (I’m just a little ol self taught dev). What do yall do to set up your local environment/production environment? I’ve thought about just having another heroku dyno to have a development server but idk. Anyhow! Come check my progress out in the future. I am sharing my mom’s cookbook collection and would eventually like to have an open source educational book website like this…

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Disclaimer: I don’t use Heroku.

I handle ssl termination in nginx. Nothing within my Django code ever sees or knows that it’s actually working behind a web server serving ‘https’ vs ‘http’. (Well, that’s not completely true. My production nginx instance does pass the request scheme in to the application for it to know how to render absolute links.)

It’s okay! I’m sure I’ll figure something out. Thanks for taking a look. I’ve got a few ideas and I’ll let you all know how it goes.