I trying to load the admin page but it showing error to me. how to solve this problem.


When i load the page it showing “”“A server error occurred. Please contact the administrator.”“” this text on the web page. i get this error from my starting of my project.

Hello @Srigh99 ,
If you want help here you have to clarify your issue by (COPY & PASTE) the Trace Error and show us the code responsible for rendering the admin page.
for example show us (urls.py) file , Try to tell us about the whole scenario.
Finally making a good question, lead to a good answer

your question doesn’t clear (I know there is a typo) It must be (How instead of Who)
But your question with an image are not helpful…
Hope you find what your are looking for
Good Luck

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As I can see in your first Image, You open the server from your mobile, If this is True you have to

  • run the runserver command as
    python manage.py runserver

  • Then add your server IP to ```ALLOWED_HOSTS`` or you can add “*” instead

  • Write the server IP instead of localhost on your mobile like instead of localhost:8000