If statement in template wont work

I wrote a password generator with a checkbox in the template. I also have an if statment in the template that checks if the boolean from the views (which looks for the boolean for the characters like are there digits or symbols allowed in the password) is true or false and sets the checkbox checked or unchecked to prevent that the box unchecks after submitting the form. Now I have a really weird thing if I check the box for digits every box checks and if I uncheck it everybox unchecks, just the box not the real boolean.

This is my code:

                        <form method="get" action="{% url 'home:passwordgenerator' %}">
                            <div class="fake_input">

                            <p class="fake_input_text">{{ password }}</p>
                                    <span class="fake_input_l">Length:</span> <select class="fake_input_drop" name="length"> 
                                        <option value="8" {% if length == 8 %}selected{% endif %}>8</option>
                                        <option value="10" {% if length == 10 %}selected{% endif %}>10</option>
                                        <option value="12" {% if length == 12 %}selected{% endif %}>12</option>
                                        <option value="14" {% if length == 14 %}selected{% endif %}>14</option>
                                        <option value="16" {% if length == 16 %}selected{% endif %}>16</option>
                                        <option value="18" {% if length == 18 %}selected{% endif %}>18</option>
                                        <option value="20" {% if length == 20 %}selected{% endif %} >20</option>
                                    <span class="fake_input_l"> 
                                    Alphabet Letters: <input type="checkbox" name="alphabets" {% if alphabets_b == True %} checked {% endif %}>
                                    Digits: <input type="checkbox" name="digits" {% if digits_b == True %} checked {% endif %}>
                                    Special Characters: <input type="checkbox" name="special_characters" {% if special_characters_b == True %} checked {% endif %}>

                                    <button type="submit" value="Generate Password" class="fake_input_button">Generate</button>     


def view_passwordgenerator(request):
    alphabets_b = bool(request.GET.get('alphabets'))
    digits_b = bool(request.GET.get('digits'))
    special_characters_b = bool(request.GET.get('special_characters'))
    alphabets = string.ascii_letters*alphabets_b
    digits = string.digits*digits_b
    special_characters = "!@#$%^&*()"*special_characters_b
    characters = alphabets + digits + special_characters
    if 'length' in request.GET:
        length = int(request.GET.get('length'))
        password = ''
        for i in range(length):
        messages.info(request, 'The password was copied to your clipboard')
        username = request.user.username
        context = {'password': password, 'length': length, 'username': username, 'digits_b': digits_b, 'alphabets_b': alphabets_b, 'special_characters_b': special_characters_b}

        return render(request, 'home/passwordgenerator.html', context)
    username = request.user.username
    hs = {'username': username}
    return render(request, 'home/passwordgenerator.html', hs)

How can I code it correctly so that the box stays as it was before submitting the form

Thanks for your help!

One key here is that the “Truthiness” of a String is always True. See the docs for the bool function.

In other words, bool(“True”) is True. The value of bool(“False”) is also True.

so what should I put in the if statement instead?

Take some time, examine what data exists at each point. Look at what values are being passed. Make your decision accordingly.

nevermind I wrote == ‘True’ instead of True