Implement a Cashback Mechanism in ecommerce

This is what I am trying to implement. Say I am an associate of amazon e-commerce and earn x% money for each sale of a product happening from my site.Now I want to implement a cashback mechanism such that for every product sold in amazon with my associate tag I give x/2% of the fee as a cashback to my customer.I have no idea as to how to go about solving this problem.

Here is the problem I am facing:

After every successful transaction I need an Amazon API or Flipkart API which pings me so that I put the cash to my user’s virtual wallet or something. But I don’t see the availability of any such API or maybe I am getting the whole flow wrong.

Could anyone please guide me on the right track?

This is not really a Django question, you are better off asking on Amazon API support forums/lists.

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okay, thanks for your response.