Issue with #34431

My name is Edison Wang and I have just recently got into open source because I am interested in GSOC '23, so this is a beginning contribution to Django. For ticket #34431, I was tasked with editing the documentation for DateTimeField since it had been changed to a generator, not a list. Here is the link to the pull request:

I also updated the documentation for TimeField and DateField because the input_formats attribute for both fields are also generators since they are lazily evaluated.

I believe that the changes made to django.forms.fields.DateTimeField.input_formats from Fixed #15982 -- Added DATE_INPUT_FORMATS to forms.DateTimeField defau… · django/django@188b003 · GitHub are redundant. The previous initialization is already lazily evaluated, so there is no need to include the class DateTimeFormatsIterator to define the generator. Should this part be reverted?

Asking for someone that has a better understanding of what the lazy function does from

Hi @edisonwang03 — someone will look at the PR on GitHub. That’s the best place to discuss concrete code/docs changes. Thanks!