Loop through queryset and group items

Actually, that’s exactly what I was thinking of. What are the results of this?

(The only thing I can immediately think of as possibly causing a problem is the repeated overloading of the identifier scores. I might try changing the inner loop to be {% for each_score in project.scores %} and {{ each_score }})

So when i tried the loop within the loop it just prints out the numbers in 1 list
19 69 59 38 89 33 17 35 47 49 72 4 100 99 60 100 95 79 15 38 50 0 97 88 34 30 26 6 14
Is that expected?

Yes, because that’s all you’re rendering in the loop.
You’ve got nothing in there to in any way separate or divide that list.

(You have removed the {{ project.name }} that you were rendering earlier.)

Ok, so by adding in the project.name i can get Project A 19 69 59 38 89 33 17 but somehow i need to get the , between each score like the example below.

I’m thinking I’ve not been clear on what I’m trying to achieve, and maybe I’ve wasted your time.

Ignore that. I’ve forgotten I can just add the , to the loop. It’s not quite there, but this is a problem I can fix now.

I definitely owe you a drink for all your help again, Ken.

Many thanks

It would definitely help if you would share what you’re looking to do with this if you’re not just rendering a table of scores.