need advice for iphone

Good day all! im have app with form where user must input time of his run time in hh:mm:ss.
In Android there no problems, but in Iphone show only “hh:mm”. Anybody know how to fix this? may be in settings of iphone or its problem in code?
photo_2023-07-22_11-49-28 iphone

class MyTotalTimeInput(forms.TimeInput):
input_type = ‘time’
format = ‘%H:%M:%S’
widgets = {
‘day_time’: MyTotalTimeInput(attrs={‘class’: ‘form-control form-control-user’, ‘step’: ‘1’, ‘value’:‘00:00:00’}),
‘day_average_temp’: MyTotalTimeInput(attrs={‘class’: ‘form-control form-control-user’,‘format’:‘%H:%M:%S’, ‘value’:‘00:00:00’, ‘step’: ‘1’})
not worked


so i solved it with js when input numbers divided by colon
in format 00:00:00
but lost widget :frowning: