Need ideas for a beginner django webapp

Hi there,
I am trying to learn django and i wont to do a “simple” webapp, but i’m stuck.
My web app should be like this:
My home page: a login page( this is ok). After login i have a search bar and a create button. I can search for an author by his id or i can create a new one(this is ok too)
When i select an author a new page is open with details of this author(age, place of birth, etc)(this is ok too)
Now i want to be able to add books for this author in the bottom of the page .
How can i do to add new books for differents authors???(differents books differents authors)
Thank you for yours tips!!!

Have you worked your way through the official Django Tutorial? If you have, then you’ve already got a lot of the fundamentals you need. The polls app is a pretty good analogy to what you describe, where the author corresponds to the tutorials Question and the books correspond to the Choices.

Thank You ,
I hope that i will find the “coup de pouce” that i need it.
Have a nice day from France!