Passing UUID from one view to another

This is probably the way I’d like to do it. It’s related to this other thread where we discussed the possibility for the respondent to come back to the survey and finish to answer it later:

Using this UUID field could be a solution to this too - or even better, instead of a UUID, as you mentioned in the other thread, I could harvest a string of character like a “name” from the respondent and store it in the database, to use it the same way that I would use the UUID: a unique identifier that could be retrieved or entered by the respondent to repopulate the form, even on another session.

Let’s stick on the UUID for this thread. How should I proceed to pass the value of the UUID from one view to another? Or to put it another way, how to make sure that even if the view changes, the user is still filling the same object data in the database?