python createsuperuser > starts talking russian to me

So a bit of context :slight_smile:

I work from Belgium. I’m new to python, pycharm & django.
-> so all tools are freshly downloaded and installed. (django 3.0.4 downloaded via “pip install django”)

I’m following the tutorials from Django :

When I tried to run the command to create a superuser, the shell responds partly in Russian…

-------------------------- run in commander (conemu-maximus5)
λ python createsuperuser
Імя карыстальніка (leave blank to use ‘olivier’): admin
Адрас электроннай пошты:

as this is pretty strange AND because it does that when creating superusers, I’m getting pretty cautious. Stopped everything and want some advice before continuing. The django security team noticed that it being partly translated is not abnormal as the english part seems to be hardcoded.

It should take the language set from but those are set to ‘en-us’.

anyone having any clue ? this might require some detective skills :slight_smile:

It’s not russian but belarussian which is a different language. Since you’re in Belgium I guess your and belarussian language codes got messed somewhere.

Belarussian language code is be and be-BY, while for Belgium it’s either nl-be or nl-nl. Check your language codes.

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Or fr-be, of course.

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o’ait thx for the info timoweb !

I found my mistake : i had set it to ‘be-nl’, so it probably defaulted to ‘be’ as ‘nl’ is not an option in belarusia :wink:


As an FYI for anyone else who sees similar issues - search the Django source code for messages (output from Django itself, not plugins) and you can find which locale they belong to:Імя+карыстальніка&unscoped_q=Імя+карыстальніка