SSL Configuration issues

Dear Team,
Please help me my django application is running on the apache server with http . Once I enable SSL so it is not working. Below the configuration detials please help me where is am getting issues.

<VirtualHost *:9933>

Alias /static /u01/app/python_app/oiccare/django/alshirawicare/baseapp/static

<Directory /u01/app/python_app/oiccare/django/alshirawicare/baseapp/static>

    Require all granted


<Directory /u01/app/python_app/oiccare/django/alshirawicare>


        Require all granted



WSGIScriptAlias  / /u01/app/python_app/oiccare/django/alshirawicare/SELFSERVICES/

WSGIDaemonProcess *:9933 \

display-name=’(wsgi:*:9933:1000)’ \

home=’/u01/app/python_app/oiccare/django/alshirawicare’ \

processes=1 \

threads=5 \

maximum-requests=0 \

python-path=’/u01/app/python_app/oiccare/oiccareapp/lib64/python3.6/site-packages’ \

python-eggs=’/u01/app/python_app/oiccare/django/alshirawicare/python-eggs’ \

lang=‘en_US.UTF-8’ \

locale=‘en_US.UTF-8’ \

listen-backlog=100 \

queue-timeout=45 \

socket-timeout=60 \

connect-timeout=15 \

request-timeout=60 \

inactivity-timeout=0 \

startup-timeout=15 \

deadlock-timeout=60 \

graceful-timeout=15 \

eviction-timeout=0 \

restart-interval=0 \

cpu-time-limit=0 \

shutdown-timeout=5 \

send-buffer-size=0 \

receive-buffer-size=0 \

header-buffer-size=0 \

response-buffer-size=0 \

response-socket-timeout=0 \


SSLEngine on

SSLCertificateFile /u01/Keystore/star_alshirawi_ae_23325781star_alshirawi_ae.crt

SSLCertificateKeyFile /u01/Keystore/care.key

SSLCertificateChainFile  /u01/Keystore/star_alshirawi_ae_23325781DigiCertCA.crt

CustomLog "logs/selfservice.log" common

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