Unable to find account for a user with ID. Exception during login: User has no userprofile.

When i query the DB, i see my information there but when i tried to login in through the front end(Vue framework). I get unable to log in with the provided credentials. But at the backend when i query the eventlog i get this error: Exception during login: User has no userprofile. Am sorry i am working for a company i can’t show the code base. Can someone help with a fair idea why i am getting that error. Thank you

Sorry, without seeing the code and other specific information, it’s going to be highly unlikely that we’re going to be able to help you here. There are just too many possibilities to go through them all.

thank you Mr KenWhitesell for responding. I have managed to find the solution. The solution was based of the Userprofile class which had a onetoone relationship with the user when its created. By creating a user in the DB, userprofile needed to be created as well because they both have onetoone relationship.

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