using is_active

How to authenticate users when is_active is set to false

I have tried
AUTHENTICATION_BACKENDS = [‘django.contrib.auth.backends.AllowAllUsersModelBackend’,‘django.contrib.auth.backends.AllowAllUsersRemoteUserBackend’]
but still no luck

You don’t specify what version of Django you’re using, or how you’re handling logins, or whether or not you’re using a custom user module. So I’m going to work under the assumption that you’re working with as generic / built-ins system as possible.

I’ll guess that you started with:, specifically the paragraph stating:
You can use [ AllowAllUsersModelBackend ] or [ AllowAllUsersRemoteUserBackend ]
if you want to allow inactive users to authenticate.

I’ll also guess that you didn’t then follow those links to see what their requirements might be. For example, for AllowAllUsersModelBackend, it states:

When using this backend, you’ll likely want to customize the AuthenticationForm used by the LoginView by overriding the confirm_login_allowed() method as it rejects inactive users.

(Note: Assuming that my guesses are close to being correct, you probably want no part of AllowAllUsersRemoteUserBackend. It’s used (generally speaking) when you’re performing authentication outside of the Django environment.)