webp Image Cant open in new tab, that force me to download before opened

Anyone can open webp image in new tab?, I have a problem with webp when I open webp image in new tab I always forced to download that image and then that image can opened as File in Web Browser. I mean just like png or jpg when I open in new tab, that just show me Image in new tab as url not to force download that image. Any suggestion?

What is the view and template you are using to render these images?

<a href="{{ profile.photo.url }}" target="_blank"><img src="{{ profile.photo.url }}"></a>

I render using context, and that image show normally. but when I open link in new tab that image in browser, I was forced to download it first before opened in new tab. not like png/jpg image in png or jpg I can open image use “open link In new tab” and not to force downloaded.

First I think this problem from HTML but I try create workaround in HTML the result is normal. I can open it without downloaded that image