What topic should I learn to create a website like "https://uptimerobot.com/"


I am Christopher from Denmark. I am fairly new to Django programming. My motivation is to develop a website like:

  • https://uptimerobot.com/
  • https://www.uptrends.nl/

My question is: what topics should I focus on learning to create a website like those listed above?

Waiting for some great answers!

The same topics you would focus on for creating any other website.

The concepts behind sites like those are no different than for any other website.

Start with the fundamentals. For people new to Django, I always recommend working through the Official Django Tutorial and the Django Girls Tutorial

Once you understand how all the parts fit together (models, views, templates, urls), then you can start to design your website for whatever purpose.

I have gone through the Official Django Tutorial, but I haven’t noticed any monitoring tutorials. Do you have a link to the Official Django site where website monitoring is explained?

That’s not a “Django” topic. The monitoring of a site would be code that is running external to Django in one (or more) external processes.

Take a look at tools like Icinga and Nagios to see how they do system monitoring.

Those monitoring tools would be responsible for gathering the data and writing the results (most likely) to a database.

The only part of this that your Django project would be involved with would be the retrieval of the data from the monitoring system and producing the visual displays.

This is exactly what I was looking for. Thank you for the quick responses!