Where is the background.gif file?

Part 6 of the tutorial refers to a file called background.gif. Where is that file located?

That’s specified in the first paragraph at Writing your first Django app, part 6 | Django documentation | Django.

Copied from the docs:

Next, we’ll create a subdirectory for images. Create an images subdirectory in the polls/static/polls/ directory. Inside this directory, put an image called background.gif . In other words, put your image in polls/static/polls/images/background.gif .

This is an image file that you need to supply.

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I knew where it was supposed to go but thought it was a specific file being supplied as part of the tutorial.

Thanks for clarifying

I’ve made a PR to reword this to clarify that the image should be self-provided: Clarified tha tutorial background image should be self-provided. by adamchainz · Pull Request #15330 · django/django · GitHub

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