Where is the CUser package

I am using CUser package to have email as username. I remember being advised this plugin. But now I can’t find it anymore. I would like to read some documentation. Anyone having a clue. I don’t like using third party plugins if they are not supported anymore . But knowing that user authentication is always a starting point when developing a Django app I don’t like to start allover with a new plugin for user authentication.

If you’re talking about the package django-cuser, that package is seriously out-of-date. But this project is only very tangentially related to the idea of using an email address as the username. Perhaps you have a different package involved here?

I don’t mean this one. The CUser i use is mainly to have email as username. Can you advise a popular package with active support?

Sorry, I have no recommendations in that area. In the couple of cases where I’ve wanted to do that, I’ve taken the easy-way out. (I had the user-registration form save the email field to both the username and email fields in the database - it seemed like the simplest way to do it.)

What do you mean by email as username? If you trying to have authentication by email instead of username, then django-allauth is the package you should be looking at.

Thanks Ken for the clear statement. Working on my project for a while now using a modification for the user authentication bring in more problems than solutions. I am going to use your simple advise and save the email to both the email and username. Removing the need to use a package.