why token in password reset email not working?

I have forgot password link in my site and step one goes through (put the email registered). step 2 is to check the email and click the link with generated token, when clicking i get the error server 500.

path('<uidb64>/<token>/',  auth_views.PasswordResetConfirmView.as_view(

here is the email with link:
Screenshot 2022-03-16 150241

i get this server 500 error i think because it is making token to the actual site which i beleive it is not possible??

Please help.

Without seeing more details about the entire process, I do see something that seems kinda strange.

Your path directive identifies two components - <uidb64> and <token>. In the link you’ve posted, the first part of the path is NA. Is that right?

(Also, you don’t need to post an image of a url. Enclose the url between backtick - ` characters and that will prevent it from being interpreted by the forum software.)