Working with Sweetify and error handling

Hi there,
I am new to Django and I’m working on a project which is basically a point of sale and I am using sweetify library which adds support for sweetalerts js library. I don’t know how to display a user the error message. I mean we can simply show a “Success” message but how can I display the error message which actually helps the user to understand what’s wrong with their submission. I’ll appreciate your kind suggestions

Are you using sweetify-django? If so, the docs only indicate a successful form post integration via SuccessMessageMixin. It does indicate that you can render error messages via:

sweetify.error(self.request, 'Some error happened here - reload the site', persistent=':(')

You could create your own mixin to handle invalid form submissions. Take a look at the implementation of SuccessMessageMixin for inspiration. You’ll need to wire into the form_invalid method.

Perhaps something like:

class SweetifyErrorMixin(object):
    error_message = ''
    sweetify_options = {}

    def form_invalid(self, form):
        response = super(SweetifyErrorMixin, self).form_valid(form)
        message = self.get_error_message(form.errors)
        if message:
            sweetify.error(self.request, message, **self.get_sweetify_options())
        return response

    def get_error_message(self, errors):
        return self.error_message % errors

    def get_sweetify_options(self):
        return self.sweetify_options

I’m not sure how the form.errors will work. You may need to adjust things. Here are the docs regarding that property in particular.