2021 Django Developers Survey

The 2021 Django Developers Survey is now live. Please take a moment to fill it out. The survey sheds light on how different developers use Django and the related tools and technologies.

After the survey is over, the aggregated results and anonymized raw data will be published.


The 2021 Django Developers Survey results are now live. See the results here.

If there is community feedback on the results and how to improve the survey next year, this is as good a place as any for that discussion to occur!


I downloaded the raw data made available at the end of the survey report.

I wanted to try to make other queries on that data and then publish it, but it is not clear the license with which it is distributed.

I guess the Django Software Foundation owns that data, so I ask here: is it released in the public domain? with the same license as the Django code? licensed under Creative Commons BY-SA? with an Open Source license?

I think the answer to this question is essential to understand how to improve the survey in the future.

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Hi Paulo,

This is a good question! And honestly something we haven’t covered yet so I’m glad you raised it. The DSF owns the data. And a Creative Commons BY-SA seems like the proper license to me.

The PSF has a CC-BY license but I think the BY-SA makes more sense, as you suggest.

I’ll connect with JetBrains and add a license.txt file to the raw download folder, similar to what has been done with the PSF raw results.


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Hi Will,

Thanks for the clear answer about the survey results license.

– Paolo

The license file has been added now.

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