2022 Django Developers Survey

The 2022 Django Developers Survey is now live. Please take a moment to fill it out. The survey sheds light on how different developers use Django and the related tools and technologies.

After the survey is over, the aggregated results and anonymized raw data will be published.


Excited to see the results - when will they be up? :blush:

In a week or so. Thanks to @carltongibson for prodding me on this. I’m no longer on the DSF Board but will be seeing this through. Will be announced on the djangoproject.com site and elsewhere when ready.


The results are now in. Almost 5,000 developers in 248 countries participated. Take a look.

Django Developers Survey 2022 Results

If you have feedback on how we can improve things for 2023, please add your comments/suggestions in this thread.


Here’s the official blog post on it, too.

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Hi @wsvincent and thanks for your work here.

It would be very helpful if Jetbrain could also add the file with the Creative Commons BY-SA license to the raw data folder like last year.

Having freely reusable data would help their diffusion and the possibility of having potentially very useful derivative works for Django.


Good call. I’ve asked them and I expect they will do so on Monday. I’ll confirm when it’s up.

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The license has been added.

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