403 Forbidden on Admin Login page

Hello all

I have followed DigitalOcean’s Tutorial for using django and apache, which works perfectly, yet as soon as I try to login to admin page I get a 403 Forbidden. I have added my address to Session_Cookie_Domain added all possible variations of my address to Allowed_Hosts and CSRF_Trusted_Origin.

Im using apache which seems to work as I used to host a PHP website prior to Django. It creates a CSRF Token and in the network tab I can see that it attempted to POST the token, but it gets denied by a 403 Forbidden error.

Any help is appreciated!


Side note: In the future, please try to copy/paste the text of the error messages from the server console or logs instead of posting screen images.

The setting you are looking for is CSRF_TRUSTED_ORIGINS not CSRF_TRUSTED_ORIGIN

Well that is awkward, anyway thank you very much!