404 When navigating with routes and refreshing page

Hello I’m having a weird issue, with a legacy Django site.

my login page rute is site/login when page load redirect me correctly and everything work, login and navigate menus (/products , /sellers, … ) while doing navigation interacting with site links everything works.

But if I try to site/products or even refresh the current page got a 404 (happens with login page also). Weird part is, everything worked before, and no changes had been done to urls.py…this is a new deploy in a new server … so most likely is some config issue but running out of ideas.

Thanks in advance and hope was clear enough.

Let’s start with the basics - what version of Django was the original project written for? What version are you using now?

Please post the contents of the root urls.py file along with the urls.py file with the url that is causing an error.

I’m also not sure I’m understanding what you’re trying to describe as the issue here. Is sounds like you’re saying that the navigation works one time but fails after that?

Can you show the log from the server showing working requests followed by the requests returning 404s?

django 1.10, will get those logs and back (need to wait for sys admin).

A little context: I was tasked to update some views, migrate to a new api and fix some small bugs. The project is a mess but fixes worked, navigation included as i didn’t touch anything there.

Until they moved to a new host. Now everything works perfectly while interacting with the web …but if client hit F5 or modify the route in browser nav bar is 404.

Are you still trying to run this under Django 1.10? What version(s) of Python are involved?

Python 2.7 … :sweat_smile: is a old…look me and don’t touch monster, company is planning to redo so I’m tasked to keep it alive until.