A field error occurred in my own django editor library

Hello everyone, I want to ask a question:

I am making a library for django editor,
But I encountered some problems:
When the editor路loaded the style, an error occurred that the field was not filled in

But when my style is not loaded, I can fill in the fields
I haven鈥檛 figured out the reason yet, can anyone help me. Thanks :pray:


I don鈥檛 clearly understand what your problem is.
Can you describe it in more detailed steps?

Are you rendering an unbound form? https://docs.djangoproject.com/en/3.1/ref/forms/api/#bound-and-unbound-forms

Ok, first I wrote a library called django-vditor. I wrote a field called VDTextField. Then I wrote a test model. But I found that when the style of this field is loaded, it cannot store data. But when I make him no style, he can store data again.
That鈥檚 the whole process. Do you have any method?

Are you getting any error messages on your console where you鈥檙e running runserver to test this?

Yes, it does not report any errors